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Little Olives Baby Massage Classes

Baby massage classes provide a relaxed, non-judgemental environment for you to spend quality time with your precious little one, to build your confidence in massage, to encourage that special bond and to meet like-minded parents in your local area. 

​At Little Olives Baby Massage classes, we promote a calm atmosphere, relaxing music, comfy massage mats and baby safe massage oil care of the award winning Neals Yard Remedies. I lead the class, showing you techniques on Little Olive- our class doll! You are the only one who will have contact with your beautiful baby. Every baby is different. Some will take to massage quickly, some will take a while to settle in, we don't mind and we don't judge! If your baby is unsettled, don't worry- give them a break, a feed, a cuddle, and much needed reassurance. You won't be asked to leave the room or to hush your baby, just to make them feel loved and secure. Baby massage is as much about the bond it creates as the physical effects of the strokes so come and feel the love! 

We have a set of baby scales and a changing area at each session.


At this stage, unfortunately I won't be able offer refreshments during class, so please feel free to bring your own drinks along.

We will still round up each class with a little time to chat, ask any questions and make friends as your baby enjoys some sensory fun (if they haven't already drifted off to sleep!)  

Classes are booked in terms at £48 in total, with each term consisting of 6 classes, including a 'graduation' class.

Just because you complete one term doesn't mean that we have to say goodbye! Little Olives welcomes you back all the way up until your baby starts to crawl (and sometimes beyond!) We have some seasoned pro's that have joined us for 3, and even 4 or 5 terms! Massage can then be continued at home as they grow and develop, but classes tend to become less suitable when they get super wriggly! 

Keep your eyes peeled for our discount offers for massages with The Olive Retreat, and for amazing Neals Yard Remedies products as well.  

I am delighted to be able to run face-to-face classes again, but this is new for us all so please support Little Olives in finding our 'new normal' this term. I normally love spoiling you all with yummy treats and a nice warm cuppa after each massage, but sadly it's just not possible at this stage as we return to face-to-face classes. You are welcome to bring your own drinks along to class. Please wear a mask in the communal areas of the hall as you enter (unless you are exempt,) and please sanitise your hands on entry, sanitiser will be provided. Mats are positioned with a 2m space between to adhere to social distancing, and I would ask that you respect the guidelines throughout the class to ensure that we can continue to run safely throughout the term. Please ensure that you do not attend classes if you feel unwell, or have been in contact with anyone who has presented COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. Classes will be strictly one adult per baby. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your class start time.


Classes are held at The Windmill Centre, Hempton Road, Deddington, OX15 0QH. Toilets are available next to the class and there is ample free parking at the venue. 

Baby massage class
Baby massage class
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