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Little Olives ONLINE Baby Massage Classes

Throughout the pandemic, Little Olives has also run online classes via Zoom. If, at any point, we return to a lockdown whereby face-to-face classes are not possible, Little Olives will return to online classes. 


I think that it’s still really important to be in regular contact with each other, and although online classes don’t allow me to serve you up a scrummy slice of cake or a hot cuppa, Zoom online meetings still allow for an interactive experience where you can all see and communicate with each other as well as me!


The fundamental purpose of baby massage is to support the bond between you and your baby; to share a loving experience; to learn to read each other’s cues. 


For this reason, as a baby massage instructor, I never make contact with your baby during class, I simply teach you the techniques that you need to know to soothe, settle and support your baby through common ailments such as colic, constipation, congestion, teething, trapped wind, and to support healthy sleep cycles. Therefore moving to an online platform (despite the lack of coffee and cake!) still allows me to do this effectively, supported by my usual post-class emails with handy hints, top tips and visual aids as well. 

As a qualified massage therapist, I try to impart a little knowledge with each class, I find that learning a little information about different techniques and the effect that they have on your baby's body not only helps you to learn them, but also helps you better understand the fantastic benefits of baby massage. And Baby massage is not only beneficial for baby, but for you too! And I think we could all do with a little extra oxytocin boost at the moment!! 

Our classes normally run as follows:-


•Come in, get settled, choose a yoga mat with a warm towel, comfy pillow and bottle of baby massage oil


•Strip baby down to nappy (or take nappy off as well if you’re feeling brave!) ensuring that the environment is warm and cosy enough to keep baby warm and comfortable for the duration of their massage 


•I demonstrate massage techniques using our class doll, you copy the techniques with your own Little Olive as we go


•Tummy time is always encouraged post-massage


•Post-massage play includes some time for you and your Little Olive to explore some age appropriate resources and toys during our little light show 


•Mamas get a hot cuppa,a slice of scrummy cake and time to chat with friends and ask any questions while your Little Olives enjoy a post-massage chill (and more often than not a post-massage snooze as well!) 


All of this can be achieved at home when you join a Little Olives class online (although sorry ladies... you'll have to prep your own tea & snacks!)



Online classes will include all post-class information emailed out after each session, a complimentary bottle of Neal's Yard Remedies Pure Organic Baby Oil** as well as a selection of Neal's Yard Remedies samples and goodies. Signing up will also entitle you to 10% discount on all Neal's Yard Remedies purchases and massage treatments for yourself with The Olive Retreat... and let's face it, I think we all deserve a good massage after surviving 2020 & 2021! 


If you have any questions at all please do let me know. Let's get through these uncertain times together, ensure that new mamas still get the support you need, and most importantly, so that you still get access to the wonderful and highly beneficial world of baby massage. 

Online baby massage class
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