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Pregnancy Massage
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There is no better time to stop, relax and indulge in some precious me-time than when you're about to become a Mama. This full-body massage can be performed seated or side-lying, then finished in a semi-reclined position, always maintaining your comfort and a healthy blood flow for your growing baby. All of those trouble areas are targeted: aches and pains in the lower back and across the shoulders from your growing bump; key areas that store tension during pregnancy- the neck, head and face; and the hands and feet which can often swell during pregnancy; not forgetting an optional soothing spiral of your beautiful bump with NYR Mother's Balm.

*Massage is not available in the first trimester, bookings available from 13 weeks onwards


65 minute treatment £56

Lava shells.jpg
Lava Shell Relax- Full Body 

This indulgent and truly pampering massage offers an idyllic treatment combining the warmth of the shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques, creating a sense of balance to the entire body and mind.

During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress. This is followed by a wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to ease away all tension, knots and stress.

An unforgettable and sublime experience.


60 minute treatment £64

Lava Mama is an ingenious treatment that creates a blissful combination of relaxation and indulgence to ease away aches and pains whilst also creating a sense of balance to the entire body and mind.

During the massage, the shells are worked over body to ease away all tension, knots and stress. The treatment also aims to improve energy levels, assisting with better circulation and alleviating puffiness and fluid build up particularly in the legs and ankles. The clever combination of gentle, yet effective, warmth and cold assists with pain relief and relieves over worked muscles.

This specially developed massage effectively supports the Mum-to-Be throughout the crucial stages of her pregnancy.

*Massage is not available in the first trimester, bookings available from 13 weeks onwards

65 minute treatment £64

Lava shells.jpg
Lava Shell Relax- Back Massage

An indulgent thermal treatment using the warmth of the lava shells alongside deep relaxing techniques to target key areas of tension across the back, neck and shoulders.

The most indulgent express massage experience you could ask for.

35 minute treatment £45

The Divine Escape is an unforgettable journey of holistic wellbeing. Going much deeper than the power of touch, Sensory Retreats offer a deeply restorative and indulging massage, harnessing all five-senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Immerse yourself in this treatment with the inhalation of the most incredible therapeutic aromas; the captivating sounds of Koshi chimes and crystal singing bowls naturally tuned to a therapeutic vibration; the placing of rose quartz crystals, the crystal of love, comfort and harmony and renowned for its healing and restorative properties for the mind, body and spirit; a lavender wheat eye pillow to enhance the senses and all combined with powerfully rejuvenating massage techniques from around the world and the caring touch of healing hands. The treatment will conclude with a deliciously infused herbal tea to complement the nature of the enriching experience.

90 minute treatment £80

(Add warming lava shells to complete this deeply indulgent treatment £88)

therma facial.jpg
Lava Shell Therma Facial Massage

This deeply hydrating, anti-ageing facial has a reviving effect on complexion, leaving the skin radiant and glowing. The face, neck and décolleté is deeply cleansed to prepare the skin for a specialised massage using warm self-heating Lava Shells.

60 minute treatment £59

Sumptuous Swedish Massage

Relax and unwind with this classic full body massage. Swedish massage stimulates nerve endings, relaxes muscles, releases toxins, restores movement, relieves pain and improves circulation- what more could you ask for?! Incorporating long relaxing strokes, stimulating percussive movements and focussed friction techniques, traditional Swedish massage can break down tension and fatty tissue, encourage lymphatic drainage and blood flow, all whilst achieving some valuable quality me-time away from the hustles and bustles of everyday life.

60 minute treatment £52

Back, neck & shoulder massage

Classic massage techniques individually tailored to you, focussing on those problem areas. Expect gentle but firm strokes to ease those everyday aches and pains, release tension, improve circulation and skin tone and increase a feeling of wellbeing. Scalp massage is optional and may be included at no extra cost.

35 minute treatment £38

Indian Head Massage

A traditional , invigorating massage targets the upper body in a seated position. This holistic healing treatment has a myriad of benefits to the mind, body and soul. Use this opportunity to connect with the energy flow in your body, focussing on balancing the four upper chakras: the heart, throat, third eye and crown. A wonderful treatment for those that experience headaches, back ache and migraines, anxiety or depression, restlessness or insomnia. 


35 minute treatment £38


The Olive Retreat's signature facial treatment. A bespoke treatment tailored to suit your skin type. Choose from NYR's Purifying Palmarosa, Rehydrating Rose, Nourishing Orange or Rejuvenating Frankincense ranges and fully immerse yourself in the total relaxation of this indulgent facial, with a wonderfully relaxing facial massage included.

60 minute treatment £46

 Anti-ageing Frankincense Lift

A relaxing and indulgent facial treatment using NYR's Frankincense Intense range to visibly smooth and plump the skin, targeting those early signs of ageing. Coupled with the therapeutic aroma of frankincense, this age-defying treatment will soothe, relax and pamper you, all whilst tackling those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

60 minute treatment £56

Gua Sha

An invigorating facial treatment using a rose quartz Gua Sha tool to plump and rejuvenate the skin and facial tissue, promote lymphatic drainage, increase circulation and release tension. Rose quartz is know around the world for its healing properties and the gua sha tool is stimulating and perfectly contoured to plump, tone, lift and smooth your face.

35 minute treatment £38 


An optional indulgent hand and/or foot treatment can be added to any of the above treatments.
This additional treatment includes a soak, exfoliating scrub, mini massage and organic lotion or balm application to combat dry and tired skin, carried out as you sit back and relax, prior to your chosen treatment.

£10 for hands or feet, £18 for hands and feet.
Please note: this treatment must be requested at booking stage and is only available as an additional treatment.

Contact Hannah direct for booking and availability.

Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first appointment with The Olive Retreat as a full consultation will be carried out prior to any treatments. This is completed free of charge.